Antique combined with new, lavish with simple, there is something uniquely satisfying about seeing contrasting materials together. The clash of texture and tone tells a story of where things come from, how they have travelled, and where they are heading. New Zealand is a small country, literally at the bottom of the world, and perhaps because of this, it is a nation of travelers. For our ReLeathered Collection, we have created the stories of these travelers. We have imagined their journeys, those men and women who lived and worked and loved, in distant deserts perhaps, in glacial enclaves or, closer to home, verdant farmland. 

The humble leather belt is the hero in this collection. Working with the talented makers at Sam James Furniture and Powersurge Metalworks, we have taken the stories of individual belts and woven them into a new tale of adventure. In sideboards, armoire, benches and more, the journey’s these belts once took are on display, rich in texture, deep in history. Combined with sustainably sourced rimu, polished brass, and blackened steel, the leather provides a tactile warmth and a luxurious finish to this timeless collection. This takes upcycling to new, elegant, levels. But this is our commitment to sustainability, seeking to create beauty in a way that walks lightly on the earth, and that you can enjoy for years to come. 


The Sideboard

The Free Standing Armoire


The Bench Seat